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Removing Dents Pine Flooring

Asbestos-containing flooring materials might be encountered by the Contractor during floor covering removal/work, and the Contractor shall remain alert to this possibility. the Contractor shall avoid removing, sanding, abrading, or disturbing the material. ... Read Document

Dents will be using the computer lab to removing existing art pieces will update a home as quickly as paint or furnishings. The paint- place and tiger wood flooring. The chef’s kitchen includes a large is-land, granite countertops, a hid- ... Doc Retrieval

Bituminous paving is to be repaired by removing all loose material and cleaning area with water or air pressure. B. Wood infill subflooring shall be 1” No. 2 pine set parallel to existing sheathing. Flooring shall be either 5/4 x 6 cedar decking, ... View Document

SECTION 901 – PCC MATERIALS. 901.01 Hydraulic Cement (a) General. At the time cement is incorporated into the work, it shall meet the quality requirements of these specifications. ... View This Document

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5.02 Plank Flooring 5.04 Parquet Tile Floor 6. CEILING 3. Resand with finer grit paper. 4. Fill holes, dents, cracks, etc. with crack filler colored to match stains the residue left under the extraction of turpentine from pine resins, and rosin esters, obtained by treating ... View Document

We would argue interior blinds might serve the same function while removing the screens would improve the building character. 16 @ 200sq minor cracks and dents in partitions. Paint and Wall Coverings: Finishes on partitions are worn, minor Flooring: Carpet & V.C.T. at Staff Workroom ... View This Document

SECTION 900 – MATERIALS DETAILS SECTION 901 – PCC MATERIALS. 901.01 Hydraulic Cement. (a) General. At the time cement is incorporated into the work, it shall meet the quality requirements of these specifications. ... Access Content

Lot 1: Wood Flooring Systems . Lot 2: Multi-Purpose Synthetic/Rubber Flooring Systems. 910-720 3. SPIB – Southern Pine Inspection Bureau. UL – Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. ASTM A 36 - Standard Specification for Carbon Structural Steel. ... Fetch Document

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Certain woods, including pine, beech and mahogany, can cause an allergic response (asthma and dermatitis) in sensitized individuals. Chronic exposure to certain hardwood dusts is associated with the potential to cause nasal cancer. removing any contaminated clothing. ... Read Content

When removing any trees and roots with diameter more than 80 mm, Local or imported marble 30x60x2cm tiles or any size requested by the engineer will be used for flooring. The frames shall be free of all dents, bumps, ... Fetch Document

SECTION 09 67 00.00 48 – FLUID APPLIED FLOORING 175. SECTION 09 68 00.00 48 – CARPETING 176. SECTION 09 72 00.00 48 – WALL COVERINGS 179. Expense of removing and replacing any portion of steel joists for testing purposes will be borne by Government if welds are found to be satisfactory. ... Fetch Content

And for how far the heater should be placed from the floor so that carpeting or flooring materials don't ignite. Additionally, removing items, or beginning treatment. At a minimum, an extensive photographic record should be maintained of the affected area and collections. ... Get Document

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Broad spaces of background are now exposed by removing the finishing This includes rolling up all paper flooring in finished rooms. knocking the plaster out of plug outlet holes All rooms and walls are inspected for cracking and dents or scratches that may have been caused from others ... Read Article

Removing shoring and bracing and backfilling of voids with satisfactory materials. 5. Removing trash and debris. 6. Placement of horizontal bracing on horizontally supported walls. C. Ground surface preparation: 1. ... Access Doc

These precautions shall include removing all loose materials, tools, and/or equipment from exposed locations, and removing or securing other temporary work. 1.22 STORAGE OF MATERIAL: The Contractor shall store materials only in places where directed. ... View This Document

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They might have an altogether kind of tone quality, and we'd be struggling to get Sitka to sound like celery top pine. Well, it’s the other way around, Removing the gold paint revealed a nearly pristine guitar marred only by some pick wear. ... Retrieve Here

For removing paint from structural steel, certification in conformance with the requirements in Qualification Procedure No. 2, "Standard Procedure For Evaluating Painting Contractors Douglas fir or No. 1 timbers Southern yellow pine. ... Read More

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Kitchens and laundries, where it is commonly used as an underlayment beneath a continuous sheet of vinyl flooring. It does, alder, pine and spruce into consistent chips and flakes. These finer for example, damage to solid wood can be repaired by removing and replacing damaged ... Read Article

SECTION 09 67 00.00 48 – FLUID APPLIED FLOORING. 197. SECTION 09 68 00.00 48 – CARPETING. 198. Bricks salvaged from foundrys or industrial buildings shall be washed with appropriate metal-dust removing cleaner. When using salvaged brick, ... Read Here

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What if the piece u r removing is against the wall, how do I get it out and can I without removing the baseboard. sadiemouse14 3 months ago. Reply You'd be 1:16 Replacing Flooring with a Dremel Rotary Tool by Dremel410 15,441 views; ... View Video

Softwood shall be Douglas fir, longleaf pine, The frames shall be free of all dents, bumps, slits, Upon completion, the Contractor shall clean all aluminium work as required by removing protective tape or other coating, ... Fetch This Document
All plastered surfaces must be flat and smooth, without any dents and bumps, Removing the foam 2cm thick from southwestern part of the facade, Supply and installation of pine flooring, 22mm thick. ... View Full Source

1:06 Removing Carpet for Hardwood Floors 5:01 Flooring Tips : How to Fix Dents & Scratches on a Hardwood Floor by essortment 5,000 views; 0:24 Burkhalter Floor Sanding Staining Pine Hardwood Flooring by AthensHardwoodFloors 3,512 views; ... View Video

Disinfectant Pine Oil. Air Deodorizer. Dust Pan. Toilet Seat and undersides of all shelves, except the undersides of bottom shelves. Cleaning and dusting of shelves shall include removing tape, [TAILOR THE PARA TITLE SO THAT ONLY THE TYPES OF TILE FLOORING THAT ARE IN THE CONTRACT ARE LISTED ... Return Document

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The framing is steel I beams with 2 x 12 pine joists spaced 12 apart. product like Parterre would work. As far as installing over existing floor, you probably will have to skim coat it. Dents, etc, will telegraph. Flooring and Carpeting: removing old grout, ... Read Article

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